Transmine Engineering Products

We supply a comprehensive range of products:

ALBA Lifitng & Pulling Winches
  • Three pulling machine models of up to 3.2 tonnes.
  • Used to lift and pull multiple loads.
  • Overload protection.
  • Body made from pressed, galvanised steel.
  • No aluminium components.
  • Special double-safety device.
  • Cable safety rating 6.
  • Compact and light.
  • Individual quality control.

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Other products

We stock a variety of products such as:

  • Webbing and round slings
  • Chain hoists
  • Lever hoists
  • A large range of rigging hardware such as
    • Shackles
    • Wire rope clamps
    • Turnbuckles
    • Lashing equipment
CNC Precision Machined Parts

We offer CNC Precision Machined Tools & Fabricated Parts, custom manufactured on order.

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